Elizabeth Gorman, Executive Pastry Chef at Ms. Rose’s Fine Food & Cocktails specializes in the creation of pastry masterpieces. All of her creations are made in-house stemming from homemade recipes. Her passion for the pastry arts transpired roughly seven years ago and she hasn’t looked back since. Elizabeth obtained her degree in culinary arts from the Culinary Institute of Charleston. From there she gained experience in the catering business until October of 2018 where she was hired by Ms. Rose’s Fine Food & Cocktails. Her current role with Ms. Rose’s is to create and execute the restaurant’s rotating dessert menus. Anywhere from a slice of gluten free carrot cake to a jumbo cinnamon roll, Elizabeth has you covered.
     What makes Elizabeth’s occupation with Ms. Rose’s so unique, derives from the restaurant’s diverse dessert menu. This diversity in menu items grants Elizabeth with the opportunity to amplify her creativeness and give a unique touch to each item she creates. Another aspect that makes Ms. Rose’s restaurant so unique is its emphasis on upholding gluten free options for needing customers. Gluten free options are not only profuse on the breakfast and dinner menus, but also on the dessert menu. Currently, the dessert menu possesses a slice of Gluten Free Carrot Cake that entails a mixture of pineapple and golden raisins with a cream cheese frosting. Elizabeth also holds foundation with the breakfast menu at Ms. Rose’s. A few of her fan favorite breakfast items include a Jumbo Cinnamon Roll and Oversized Banana Nut Muffin. The Jumbo Cinnamon Roll is made from scratch with a sweet cream glaze finish. These are just a few examples of the superb items created by Elizabeth at Ms. Rose’s Fine Food and Cocktails.