Can you believe today marks 50 years of Earth Day!?!
At Ms. Rose’s, not only are we devoted to delicious food and memorable service, but we are also passionate about sustainability. Through our partnerships with local organizations, such as SMART Recycling US and Good Catch program, we are able to responsibly affect positive environmental change.
SMART Recycling US is dedicated to helping businesses, such as Ms. Rose’s, divert food waste from the landfill to local compost facilities. In January and February alone of 2020, we have diverted over 3 tons of organic waste from the landfill. The organic waste is then composted and used to regenerate soil with nutrients, making a full circle local ecosystem.
South Carolina Aquarium Good Catch assists us in practicing sustainability through using local, sustainable seafood and reducing single-use product use. By using seafood sourced from Southeast regional fisheries, the Good Catch program is able to ensure that each species harvested responsibly – meaning they are sold at the correct age, in the correct quantity and during the correct season. As a partner, Ms. Rose’s commits to Good Catch by serving locally sourced fish in responsible consumption.